It was about 4 or 5 years ago that I was hanging out with my friend Rene in this living room in Irvine, California. I was being silly slapping things around me and reciting “Healem Lord”. I was trying to make everyone laugh and my friend was complaining about a pain he had in his knee for years and i placed my hand on his knee and I shouted comically again, “Healem Lord”. This sudden pain automatically hit my hand. I was definitely not laughing and a bit creeped out. So, I jumped up and the owner of that house is very metaphysical and said omg you have the gift. Now, go outside and push that pain you took from your friend and release it from your hand. I did and I was beside myself.

A year before that I was at this bbq in the OC with a dude who is into Vedic work. We were doing all this weird energy work and I stuck my hand out to try to move an air filled toy ball without touching it. This one girl was recording it on her iphone and a few days later had sent me the video freaked out because in the video a blue light or plasma ether like substance left my hand and surounded the ball. A few months before that I had asked this healer about these sensations in my hand and didn’t know what they meant. He said he didn’t know but I realise now that he knew exaclty what I was trying to understand but he was being a dick and didn’t want to tell me. Now I see that it’s one of those things you just let go of and not fight. What is my point of all this? I guess I was trying to figure out that I was channelling this healing gift but through Prana approach. I am a Prana healer and I love to heal people. I have been told to be careful because for 1: The government doesn’t like it and 2: The Universe could be teaching through pain. Eh oh well, I see someone suffering and I just want to help them by taking some of that suffering away with my pranic techniques. I am hoping to heal more people here in California.


Through spiritual or psychological consultations, I have been helping people here in California and online globally almost 5 years now. Every day people come with questions that each of us may feel as though we are left puzzled or almost hopeless. I don’t know if you call this clairvoyance or clairaudience a gift or what. Being able to know about passed relatives without me knowing the person I’m speaking with still shocks the crap out of me. All I know is that when I am speaking to someone face to face, online or over the phone. I get these images and words and feelings and I  never in my mind thought that this stuff was real. I always thought it was evil lol. I think everyone and anyone can be psychic because its part of our quantum bio structure within our physical bodies.

Cris Blakk Psychic Readings

I love helping people since I was a kid. I grew up on the east coast in the tri-state area and my family raised me to believe in christianity. I was always afraid of the unknown but I always found myself helping people. I find that when you help someone, and they get their “thing” “right”, you can see with your own eyes the shifting of reality or the bettering of a situation and that makes the environment flow better. This is how one may attract a better life but it works nonetheless! I’m so glad to be free minded and feel well about myself and the way I can help people. I develop these thought skills to see passed the normal individual’s thought process.

If you need help please contact me. I use Polyhedral Dice, a Thoth Tarot Deck and African Cowrie Shells. I can read in person if your in Los Angeles or Orange County, Over The Phone or Online.

$60.00 for Full Life Reading. Paypal or Cash is best for me.


Thank you, & Increase to You and Your Own!

Cris Blakk: Psychic/Medium/Healer & Esoteric Science Practitioner



Ok so I had an idea for two events that I attempted to construct:

AMBILIGHT FAIR (psychics, healing, crystals, light music)

MINSTREL’S SOLSTICE JAM (bands and beer)

BUT We came up with an even better idea for now pjs party

And well its taking time for many reasons but I was able to come across some interesting souls who are willing to help and are finally gathering and preparing for The Valley where this Lebowski Bowling Band thing is gonna be. We are still trying to also have it more south like Long Beach but we are needing to get started now.  So we came up with The Lebowski/Pajama/Bowling/Bands w/Tasty Food Party Night and if it all works out then we make an even greater event but unplugged and more on the healing side. We are inviting bands and people and other viewers to this (((Exrtravaganza))) of food, beer and bands but the theme is PJs and Bowling now, you don’t have to bowl but be a sport and come in your pjs man, we are going to have a blast.

Do You Cook, or are into Holistic Health?

ARE You a Musician, Performer, Comedian, Poet, Story Teller or have a band and would like to come out and perform? ALL GENRES

Do You have a Cause and would like to Speak Publicly? Current Affairs/Local With FACTS

Do You Make and Sell Things?

Do You own a Store, an Online Business, Metaphysical Shop, Botanica, or any Food, Music or Plant Business? If so and you would like to get involved into what is going to take place then come on down. We can use some help 🙂


The Valley, North Hollywood, Downtown, South Central, Long Beach and Orange County


Your Host w/ the moSt

Cris Blakk & The Crew

Psychics Wanted

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Psychics wanted for a new holistic fair that will be traveling from the SFV to OC but for now we will be concentrating on Los Angeles and Long Beach Areas. We prefer the more experienced psychics. We will be testing.

I just been in that Light type of mood lately. Even though power and essence behind the synchronization of energies/deities/gods with past time planetary alignments and exact moment of human birth , our minds do move passed this leaning on sciences or religion but it’s supposed to teach us to dig deeper and truly seek how it all works and/or where it really comes from. If it’s the cosmos then why not just learn them and learn to feel the energy and receive the messages?

Anyways, I love the idea that there is an Orisha which represents the wisest warrior dressed in white. King of the white cloth. I don’t know what it is. I was staying the Lucumi religion approach to viewing the conjunction of a god, elements, humans DOB and TOB. I found an easy way for people to find spirituality without the Nazi rules that come with Christianity through Orisha and the magical spirituality behind it. Though I have been initiated to a specific Orisha, I have worked with so many but have come to a very important meeting of the energies and Obatala seems to have walked right into my life or maybe it’s a part of me that I didn’t realize that’s not only was it there the whole time but it was never meant to be sought out but allowed to come out. I don’t think it was about me not being ready, I just had to purge a lot of crap I didn’t realize damaged my energy and aura. I am enjoying the low stress and evoking tranquil waves. So many people might not be able to get in a mode that they feel truly serene. It took too many years for me to finally let go of fear, pain, the past, false hope and whatever else holds us back. I finally just learned not to give a shyt anymore. I gotta look out for #1 and my own. This world only wants and wants but nobody wants to give and I have given all I could. This light we all seek is our own heart. Is your heart ready? This light that is slowing seeping in is so bright and so trusting yet it can be the darkest ever. It’s healing which is so for me and my family and friends but it needs tranquil energy. This is my final phase as I completely envelope myself into this new but not so new way. I heard a psych say once the only way to the top is Prudence, Gain, then comes Wealth. I guess you gotta be so sick of something before you actually do something about it.

Healing really does need to be in full effect for so many reasons but the most important is the self, the individual healing. How can you not be well and heal? I mean hell, I’ve don’t it but it wasn’t comfortable in the least bit. I hurt myself really bad but I healed and the pain came back and 3 psychic people told me it was due to stress. I pinpointed exactly what was worrying me and I finally let go. I believe healing needs much wellness and I do have it but there are things sometimes in one’s life that is better without like worry. Worrying almost killed me. Obatala is huge on healing the self. I believe ridding ourselves of those attachments that perhaps was of some use but now holds no prosperous energy and truly reaching the highest self even if it’s uncomfortable teaches to build the will and strength and it makes your magic stronger.  It’s a beautiful feeling to be able to have such a peace that you have the power to remove pain and infection from the human body with your just your thoughts. This father of the Orishas is more then Zen. Peace is the greatest attribute coming from this energy Obatala. I’m so thrilled to have been called by this spirit. For whatever reason my soul is yearning for this mode of light and peace, I’m going with it. Made refund Obatala, this isn’t new you. Show Love, show your light and don’t be afraid to care about people. This multitudes of loving kindness energy is so needed right now. Lift up your community and home with this and you will see the change.

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por Gail Chasin
La pobreza de los estados Wikapedia:


Wikapedia: La pobreza es el estado de aquel que no posee una cierta cantidad de bienes materiales o dinero. La pobreza absoluta o indigencia se refiere a la privación de las necesidades humanas básicas, que normalmente incluye alimentos, agua, saneamiento, ropa, vivienda, atención sanitaria y educación.

Naciones Unidas dice: Fundamentalmente, la pobreza es una negación de opciones y oportunidades, una violación de la dignidad humana. Esto significa que la falta de capacidad básica para participar eficazmente en la sociedad. Significa no tener lo suficiente para alimentar y vestir a una familia, no tener una escuela o una clínica para ir, no tener la tierra en la que crece la comida, o un trabajo para ganarse la vida, no tener acceso al crédito. Esto significa que la inseguridad, la impotencia y la exclusión de las personas, los hogares y las comunidades. Esto significa que la susceptibilidad a la violencia, y que a menudo implica que viven en ambientes marginales o frágiles, que no tienen acceso a agua limpia y saneamiento.

Declaración de Copenhague dice: La pobreza absoluta es una condición caracterizada por la privación severa de necesidades humanas básicas, incluyendo alimentos, agua potable, instalaciones de saneamiento, la salud, la vivienda, la educación y la información. Depende no sólo de ingresos, sino también en el acceso a los servicios sociales. El término “pobreza absoluta” se refiere a veces como sinónimos como “la pobreza extrema.


Los que viven en la pobreza sufren de manera desproporcionada por el hambre o la inanición y disease.Those viven en la pobreza sufren una menor esperanza de vida.


Los aumentos en los costos de vida hacen que las personas pobres sean menos capaces de pagar los artículos. Los pobres gastan una mayor parte de su presupuesto en alimentos de las personas más ricas. Como consecuencia, los hogares pobres y los que cerca del umbral de la pobreza pueden ser particularmente vulnerables a los aumentos de precios de los alimentos.


La investigación ha encontrado que existe un alto riesgo de bajo rendimiento escolar de los niños que están en situación de vivienda de bajos ingresos para que sepa que los niños sin hogar no reciben ningún tipo de educación menos que estar en casa (menos) educado …. que es bastante difícil de todas las cosas considerado. Para los niños de bajos recursos, los factores de riesgo son similares a otros, como las tasas de delincuencia juvenil, los niveles más altos de embarazos en la adolescencia, y la dependencia económica a sus padres o los padres de bajos ingresos. Las familias y la sociedad que presenten bajos niveles de inversión en la educación y desarrollo de los niños menos afortunados terminan con resultados menos favorables para los niños que ven la vida de la reducción de empleo de los padres y los bajos salarios. Las tasas más altas de la maternidad precoz con todos los riesgos asociados a la familia, la salud y el bienestar son los principales temas de importancia para abordar desde la educación desde preescolar hasta la escuela secundaria son a la vez identificable significativa en la vida.


Según los expertos, muchas mujeres se convierten en víctimas de la trata, la forma más común de las cuales es la prostitución como medio de supervivencia y la desesperación económica. El deterioro de las condiciones de vida a menudo obligan a los niños a abandonar la escuela para contribuir a los ingresos familiares, que los pone en riesgo de ser explotados. En una encuesta, el 67% de los niños de las zonas urbanas deprimidas desfavorecidos dijo que había sido testigo de un asalto grave, y el 33% reportó ser testigo de un homicidio.

Ok – ahora que tenemos todos los hechos, quiero hablar de cómo las personas sin hogar y hambrientos sufren simplemente porque no hay comida ni refugio …. algo que debe darse a cada persona en OC o en cualquier lugar.

Es un derecho básico fácil de comer, para sobrevivir y mantener uno mismo. Es así de simple! Ahora, piensa en todas las veces durante el transcurso del día la cantidad de veces que recibe una punzada de hambre … y lo fácil que es para que usted acaba de levantarse e ir a la nevera para librarse de ese malestar? ¿Y cuántas veces ha de saltar de la cama corriendo a hacer recados durante todo el día y se olvida de comer, sólo para llegar a casa rabiosamente hambrientos y empujar la comida en la boca para aliviar el estrés que el hambre le da al cuerpo y la mente. Ahora, imagínese si no había sólo no hay comida, pero ninguna casa o apartamento para vivir Usted duerme en el parque, con un ojo abierto para los violadores o ladrones o secuestradores que quieren robarte o matarlo. Usted nunca realmente consigue buen descanso o el sueño. Siempre estás cansado. Ahora está hambriento, cansado, sucio y preguntándose dónde está su próxima comida y qué es posible que tenga que hacer para conseguirlo. Usted comienza a sentir como basura, la escoria de la tierra – a alguien que no tiene importancia. Usted es invisible. Las mujeres no pueden permitirse compensar. Hueles y no puede acercarse a la gente, ya que son repelidos por el olor. Que a su vez a las drogas o el alcohol u otras personas sólo para robar un poco de pan y simplemente deslizarse por el vórtice de la nada.

ESO es lo que se siente.

He tenido el personal excelente fortuna de ser bendecido con padres fabulosos, una infancia maravillosa, muy buena salud y un montón de amigos y oportunidades. Soy considerado de clase baja porque hago menos de $ 8,000 al año. Pero yo soy la persona más rica Lo sé porque me importa un bledo lo que le pasa a la gente y nadie se reconocerlo. Si el

mundo se golpeó con una tragedia inesperada, tal vez como el 911, y la única persona que le ayude era pobre o sin hogar o huele mal, ¿le importa si le está salvando su vida? Coloque el zapato en el otro pie para un cambio. Nuestro mundo, especialmente en California, así – es una burbuja. Todos unidad en nuestras pequeñas burbujas y volver a casa a nuestras burbujas de realidad y sostenemos burbujas especiales para sistemas de creencias …. pero en algún momento, dejamos de dar una maldición para el pueblo realmente desesperadas que necesitan más ayuda que nosotros. Este es un tema espiritual, así como una financiera, la gente, y le toca a nosotros en forma individual para hacer un mundo mejor. Deje siempre un lugar mejor que cuando llegamos allí y usted tendrá verdadero propósito de su vida. Para ver el rostro de una persona cuando les das de comer o les da dinero o una manta o ropa, la luz viene brillando de corazón a corazón. Es algo que nunca olvidará y no estoy hablando de ir una vez al año para servir comida a los pobres en Acción de Gracias, estoy hablando de quien debería ver en la calle, si sus ojos se encuentran, escucha a tu corazón. Ellos no son diferentes a cualquier persona en un traje de Armani. He conocido a las personas más increíblemente espiritual y profunda que no tenían una olla a mear pulg Hazte un favor – llegar! Se siente tan bien tanto para el dador y el receptor. Es una lección en muchos niveles que va a cambiar tu vida para mejor y cuando te miras en el espejo definitivamente se puede saber que se preocupa, que su corazón está bien y que tiene compasión por otro que no es tan privilegiada como usted entonces usted ha golpeado las alturas. No tienes ni idea de que por ese pequeño acto, se puede despertar el deseo de un alma para la vida de nuevo. Sólo una sonrisa y contacto visual es una experiencia rica. Si bien es cierto que todos venimos de una célula, entonces es cierto que todos estamos relacionados. Y en el cuerpo de las células, si uno está enfermo, el resto que se sienta y la enfermedad se produce. Elevemos entre sí y el amor alabanza y dar incluso a pequeña escala, porque no hay pequeños eventos. Mire en el interior y te preguntas, “¿Qué puedo hacer yo?


by Gail Chasin

Poverty from Wikapedia states:


Wikapedia:  Poverty is the state of one who lacks a certain amount of material possessions or money. Absolute poverty or destitution refers to the deprivation of basic human needs, which commonly includes food, water, sanitation, clothing, shelter, health care and education.


United Nations says:  Fundamentally, poverty is a denial of choices and opportunities, a violation of human dignity. It means lack of basic capacity to participate effectively in society. It means not having enough to feed and clothe a family, not having a school or clinic to go to, not having the land on which to grow one’s food or a job to earn one’s living, not having access to credit. It means insecurity, powerlessness and exclusion of individuals, households and communities. It means susceptibility to violence, and it often implies living in marginal or fragile environments, without access to clean water or sanitation.

Copenhagen Declaration says: Absolute poverty is a condition characterized by severe deprivation of basic human needs, including food, safe drinking water, sanitation facilities, health, shelter, education and information. It depends not only on income but also on access to social services. The term ‘absolute poverty’ is sometimes synonymously referred to as ‘extreme poverty.


Those living in poverty suffer disproportionately from hunger or even starvation and disease.Those living in poverty suffer lower life expectancy.


Rises in the costs of living make poor people less able to afford items. Poor people spend a greater portion of their budgets on food than richer people. As a result, poor households and those near the poverty threshold can be particularly vulnerable to increases in food prices.


Research has found that there is a high risk of educational underachievement for children who are from low-income housing circumstances so you know that homeless children aren’t getting any education whatsoever unless being home (less) schooled….which is pretty difficult all things considered. For children with low resources, the risk factors are similar to others such as juvenile delinquency rates, higher levels of teenage pregnancy, and the economic dependency upon their low income parent or parents. Families and society who submit low levels of investment in the education and development of less fortunate children end up with less favorable results for the children who see a life of parental employment reduction and low wages. Higher rates of early childbearing with all the connected risks to family, health and well-being are major important issues to address since education from preschool to high school are both identifiably meaningful in a life.


According to experts, many women become victims of trafficking, the most common form of which is prostitution, as a means of survival and economic desperation. Deterioration of living conditions often compel children to abandon school to contribute to the family income, putting them at risk of being exploited.  In one survey, 67% of children from disadvantaged inner cities said they had witnessed a serious assault, and 33% reported witnessing a homicide.

Ok – now that we have all the facts, I want to talk about how the homeless and hungry suffer simply because there is no food or shelter….something that should be afforded for every single person in OC or anywhere.

It is a simple basic RIGHT to eat food; to survive and sustain one’s self.   It’s just that simple!  Now, think of all the times throughout the course of your day how many times you get a little hunger pang…and how easy it is for you to just get up and go to the fridge to rid yourself of that discomfort?  And how many times did you leap out of bed running to do errands all day and forget to eat, only to arrive home rabidly starving and shoving the food in your mouth to relieve the stress that hunger gives the body and mind.  Now, imagine if there was not only no food, but no house or apartment to live in.  You sleep in the park, keeping one eye open for rapists or thieves or abductors who want to rip you off or kill you.  You never really get good rest or sleep.  You’re always tired.  Now you’re hungry, tired, dirty and wondering where your next meal will come from and what you might have to do in order to get it.  You begin to feel like garbage, the dregs of the earth – someone who matters not.  You’re invisible.   Women can’t afford make up.  You smell and you can’t go near people because they are repelled by your odor.  You turn to drugs or alcohol or robbing others just for some bread and you simply slide down the vortex of nothingness.

THAT is how it feels.

I have had the personally excellent fortune of being blessed with fabulous parents, a wonderful childhood, fairly good health and a lot of friends and opportunities.  I am considered lower class because I make under $8,000 a year.  But I am the richest person I know because I give a damn about what’s happening to people and no one is acknowledging it.  If the

world gets hit with some unforeseen tragedy, perhaps like 911, and the only person to help you was poor or homeless or smelly, would you care if he’s saving your life?  Put the shoe on the other foot for a change.  Our world, especially in California, well – it’s a bubble.  We all drive in our little bubbles and go home to our reality bubbles and hold special bubbles for belief systems….yet somewhere along the line, we stopped giving a damn for the really desperate people who need more help than we do.  This is a spiritual issue as well as a financial one, folks, and it’s up to us individually to make a better world.  Always leave a place better than when you got there and you will have true purpose to your life.  To see a person’s face when you feed them or give them money or a blanket or clothing, the light comes shining forth from heart to heart.  It’s something you will never forget and I’m not talking about going once a year to serve food to the poor on Thanksgiving, I’m talking about whomever you should see on the street, if your eyes meet, listen to your heart.  They are no different than anyone in an Armani suit.  I’ve met the most incredibly spiritual and profound people who didn’t have a pot to piss in.  Do yourself a favor – reach out!!!  It feels so good to both the giver and the receiver.  It’s a lesson on so many levels that it will change your life for the better and when you look in the mirror you can definitely KNOW that you care, that your heart is right and that you have compassion for another who is not as privileged as you then you have hit the heights.  You have no clue that by that small act, you can wake up another soul’s desire for life again.  Just a smile and eye contact is a rich experience.  If it’s true that we all came from one cell, then it’s true that we’re all related.  And in the body of cells, if one is ill, the rest feel it and illness occurs.  Let us lift each other and praise love and give even on a small level because there are no small events.  Look inside and ask yourself, “What can I do?”