The illusion and it’s matrix causes many to see and be convinced that those who are good look bad and the worst turn bad and those who are bad look amazing. But, do any of the archonic chosen ever look bad until they be bad and don’t care and become known. Look around you. Love heals. I wish it would heal me because I just can’t bare it any longer. This is a very horrible world. Everyone is so blind. Or there are a lot of people or maybe even one person that would go out of their way electronically to create an evil image of a person who is not that. It is no wonder there are a majority of individuals who become slaves to the archonic matrix.

When I was a child, I suffered bad dreams. I realized that I would scream as if I was being killed. The dreams were horrifying. But today, I realize that it was a synthetic or some kind of magnetic or electronic wave. Then I come to know that real high technology is and was hidden in some way or another. See, so, it was definitely a satellite. AND I don’t know about you but even as a kid I knew that Edgar from up the block that always be shooting rocks (the evil look) because I was always smiling and happy and I guess he was going through something at the time. Yeah, See? So, mr cranky mccrankerson Edgar couldn’t have controlled that satellite. I was only four years old for christ’s sake! How would I have beef with any human? I wonder….since those dreams happened in the late 70s, what kind of shyt can they be doing to any humans nowadays? And are our electronics making it easy for them? See, I’m not stupid because I was told by someone when I arrived in California that there is a building that sends out waves that controls people. Anyways, what happen to me with the waves as a child could have been a satellite in space or coming from some type of remote technology in a building. Which now that I think about it, I remember a telephone building on broadway in my town as kid and it was never opened. I don’t remember it being opened but that’s nothing. It was always closed my whole kid and teenage life. I don’t think that when it was opened that they probably couldn’t have used that building but that the point is perhaps, it’s a clue or idea but I’m pretty psychic out there world. Ok so! All I know is that it was a definitely remote. This means it had to be a person or a group of people. Obviously, many probably died or maybe not. Maybe one is still alive. If you ask me. I think really something happened to my mom. See, I have had the worst life since I was a baby. They say others could have had it worse. NO! Archon death flavor is what happened to me and my parents. Perhaps something happen to them as children and/or something happened to them upon entering this country and becoming US citizens. This is my planet and it and all it’s true residence have been violated and massacred. We are the descendants of those you missed. My whole life is so fucked up and yeah, I made some stupid mistakes in my time but I always showed myself to be the best but all this screwy highway robbing of people’s life and to live and to be and to go and to do as a human on this planet has the right is just completely evil and maniacal. You fucking murderers need to be excavated not only from this planet but from our galaxy. Just get the fuck out all of you evil people! It’s always someone there trying to destroy me and stop me or keep me from trying to survive on this planet and not die.


I am no criminal or stupid person. I just can’t stand this horror everyone is out to rob you, hack you and attempt to open bank accounts in your name. YOU CAN’T TRUST ANYONE THESE DAYS. I’M LIVING ON A PLANET OF MONSTERS! You have to hide your life. Why am I even here? I don’t see why I should even try. I don’t know what is going to happen to me but I do know that there might be a chance for things to get better and if they do then believe me it’s a great and wonderful thing and I will surely try with all my soul to high tail my ass out of this fucking place some how. Shyt, if I can live on Mars alone believe me I will. But no matter what at least you will see for yourselves that it’s true about what these archon humans are doing to us regardless of how things turn out.

Seeking solace outside of one’s self type of people are not bad but lied to and beat down by society. These folks only want to share the love they have inside with others and unite families. This is what I want but unfortunately many wont admit it or hide it and/or distort it instead of being honest and finding just that. But, no! They hide behind religion. This was my whole life from a toddler to adult. Those who are asleep in the matrix can’t accept the rejection in life which no human likes but this type of a person wants something to believe in. I was one of these people. So, the person goes through life making themselves believe in things so that they feel they’ve conquered something and upon discovering that there are groups of people out there attempting to build an empire upon this and wanting to be placed in a position of control, they join it head first like a career. These are early stages of mental illness. This makes them feel needed but also powerful. So, the mistake is not entering the religion but that they remain because they feel as though there is some imaginary parent involved in which they can run to when the world gets tough instead of relying on their own thoughts. They wont or cant because they are told just as I was told that our thoughts are not gods thoughts. And the famous and most notorious work of all that religion has to offer is the idea to shut the thinking human up with this….OBEY! Because when we are kids, if we live with adults who are balanced in a child asking a question, that child is not gonna get slapped in the face. Some kids are hit for just asking questions. Like me. This is the mindset of the religion to use this word which cuts everything off and the person must shut their mouth and move on accepting that there is a god helping you. Exactly why I believe religion is slavery. So, they run to it and feel secure and they study the holy books given in order to be ready to regurgitate a frame work of constant revolving plagiarized words and making it one structure to dismiss anything that is not of that made up structure and ideal thought to live by. Thus creating an imaginary life of something that makes no sense at all. If people were honest they can have all the love of unity of people as long as they did it right. But like I said people want to hide behind religion and say no it’s not a religion because we have a “relationship with god”. GMAFB! MY GOD! LOL

So, when some like me comes along and asks a question from a mind of free thought and non religious, the answers I get are not only words avoiding my question but the words are just distractions of thought undermining the question and it’s purpose is the need to extinguish the person asking the question so that no one else sees the truth. This is the maniacal mindset of the human who lives by fear which is the true enemy of love. The religious one already knows in their heart that there is no god but they are protecting their own image and continuing hoping that others stay with them as good company till the end and even worse that they lose all sense of logic and sanity and spread their “truth” which was and still is a lie. I don’t perceive that studying about religion or joing it is bad. I just know that there are people who I care about that I have asked just a simple question and they become so insulted and not want to get close to me. Or that if I was ever to try to help a religious person that they look at me like “how can you help me, you don’t even believe in god”. Pure stupidity! This is why religion sucks.

It maybe 30 or more years ago I heard this song called Remove Yourself by Canderia. The concept of getting out of the way is certainly more of an air attribute… Ancient way of thinking. Very intelligent!

Perhaps it was my time to bow out gracefully? Maybe and maybe not. I am the “never back down” kind of individual. However, there was something so right about this. Something calling my destroyed self out of a side door called a transient gateway. This current time change is weird and most tardiest thing in my life. Talk about last place but not last. My life went swirling down wardly into a state of failure but not. I swear it almost sounded like a devil laughing and saying, “Ah hahahahaaaa fuck you and all your magick. Fuck your endeavours and everyone you love! You sir are sour spoil! Ah hahahahahaaaa!” But a huge light coming while that illusion faded and on top of that the depression caused me not to care about anything anymore. Not myself or anything that I do or what comes out of my mouth. Even though the truth is I finally made it out of the matrix woods, I still self sabotage but am killing this enemy slowly.

The bitterness set in when they were destroying my life and attempting to end it 20 and 10 years ago. I walked with that like helmet heart and calm like a balm. A horrible attitude and a horrible mouth. No matter what came about all i was doing was making people not have patience for me. What ever it was that caused all this nightmare trauma or anxiety, it is now clear that only when a person comes to a full decision of beginning something or ending a good thing gone bad, that man woman or youth could see their healing. It’s true what they say about loving yourself but more by vibration plus frequency. Or just speaking lovingly to your cells and body. Your mind and emotions. Some like to say, “I Love You!” to themselves and body. I like it more simple then that. “It’s gonna be ok.” So, it is just now that I’m learning to let go. I do regret lashing out at the wrong people and making myself look like a maniac. It feels good not to flip out like I used to. When the forces of the country which as a child was my hero career krush you where you abide in and work in start to destroy you, it’s time to pack up and try a new world. Even weird happenings that should have never been are almost as if they were orchestrated seem like it was all “part of the plan.”

It’s a giant machine lubed the hell up. Ready to be heated up and worked after resting only 4 hours. Nobody is saying you don’t have the power to champion it. Is now the time? Well for some yes but for others no. Life is getting harder but we have to open our minds to any healthy possibility of improvement and elevation of life. They have made it impossible. Now that’s the old me yelling. Today, I can only move by logic and my trust in what I’m grasping in the invisible air. Your magnetic field is ready for you to see and overstand anytime. I am truly doing it. I let go of the internet and many things that were only weighing me down. It is certainly no walk in the park. But I’m so glad that I was able to make a sure start to certain goals. I am so happy to give up bread/carbs among other things but this is the battle of the bromine monster. That son of gun is like a worm gang in your stomach trying to control your soul. Soft squishy bread is great with butter and a cup of coffee but I’m a grampa and the life of dry pasty borning food has placed my ass under arrest.

Day 1: The start to a morning fail. A colossal bowl of salad for 4 and red meat and an egg. I already failed but not really. It’s very hard due to those animacules in your stomach giving your peace, emotions and way of eating, the vulcan grip! Going to prioritize and get things done. All of this is worth it. Fb is such a piece nof garbage. I’m so glad I took that electronic racist trash network out! If social networks or anything hold you back from even surviving then stand up for yourself against that drizzle slow suicide monster and chop that mofukrz head off! I really thought I was gonna die begging for psychic reading clients. I am going the rocky mode rout. Its ninja time! A new life! A new horrizon! Nothing can stop me! I’m off the ground! The lights are bright and my saying effects the flow of the world. Belial floats above the earth’s atmosphere watching and placing things as they get misplaced by human hands. You must not be afraid. Its American kick ass Rambo time America! Move forward in the highest power. With love and understanding. Break the ties that bind bad energy with good. Breathe and relax your state and just see peace snd light. See only success and joy for every present moment no matter how successful you become. This life is but a true moment. Dont hide your light. Shine it bright. Love is the only solution. Care for the situation that is not part of the plan to mold or dissipate. You have the power to do so. Stay calm and cool like slices of chilled cucumbers in a bowl of hot sauce! I gave up on that ugly entanglactic web. Yeah sure I’m writing this but there’s just no joy in a breakfast sandwich, a cup of joe and social media anymore. No joy at all. So onward find the new life road. I hate starting all over but st least it’s my millionth time. Haha and this time there is no need for matrix. It’s not even about success but just keep it steady. So I say fuq it! Don’t be afraid. If you have been locked down due to the pandemic then it’s time to have the chance at a new life. Start the things you’re supposed to and stop the things that can possibly kill you at this point and learn to live out your day as the way you would want to with everything and everyone present!


If you are smoking cigarettes then say goodbye to that bad relationship physically attacking your lungs! If it’s food or the way you intake and live is killing you then stop what ever is causing you to wanna lay back and waist your time then grab it and subdue that thing or energy and press your self realization and get up and turn on that rocky mode switch to on and high! Get up and start stretching. Stretch your whole body head to toe. Breathe deep and calm. Start by dancing around with your arms up and fists ready to fight. Just do 3 sets of 3 minutes jumping around punching and kicking will get you in sure shape. Do 45 sit ups and 45 pushups every morning and every noon but you must stretch. Drink alkaline, electrolite and regular water daily. Try to cut out electronics and concentrate on your promotion at the job and treating the people around you better. Focus on your children or parents. Pamper your loved ones for no reason but love. Eat more greens and.less bread, dairy and meat. Learn to clean your system by having you and your family to create one day out of the week, natural fruit juice day. Spend more time stretching and walking down the park. Mediate and manifest there also. Give the homing and guarding the couch’ video games and fridge a fuqing break! Get out and help your community. It’s time to review your environment and give it some tlc. Go back to reading books and listening to live relaxing musicians perform. Its time to write a friend or family memeber a letter with paper and pen. Do stuff we all used to do but was taken over by the internet. Try to start s public garden in your community. Try to get together with people and do things to uplift our environment. REMOVE YOUR SELF FROM THE MATRIX, THE RABBIT HOLES AND ALL THE NOISE! BRING YOURSELF BACK TO YOU! THE YOU WHICH YOU WERE MEANT TO BE.

If you try this for 27 days then 90, you will come to see that you can do ANYTHING!



Dearest God of the Universe,


You are the great child of the supernatural! You are a King and Queen and you make your world as you go. In your world, you let in who you want but also you are one to draw all kinds and sometimes it hurts us more than helps. Still you are a healer and work through even the toughest of loss. Nonetheless, you are the wizard of the Universe and the Sorceress of all Existence. Everything you become a part of increases in wellness because of you. Everything you touch you make better. Every one who you come across is blessed in all ways becsuse of you. This is your time! Stand up and shine and do your self god thing. Everyone loves you!

So here we are Virgos! This is a special season for us. We took a pummeling with Neptune and Pluto for the past 10 years and we are finally free from the clutches. Unfortunately the bad residue has been ongoing with negativity however, when there is a step up we must take it. This giant transient gateway like is our current reality. We been being blessed all summer and now we are moving into serious choices. Make the decision. Don’t play with time.

So, the things that make Virgos progress forward are things of a serious and healthy nature. Change is a must. Whether you are having a grand ol time or not so grandioso, all virgos must rise above our challenges. If you know you need to give some things up then we are all in the same boat. Perhaps choosing between career or jobs. It stinks when you have to let go of something you can’t afford but in the end it will work itself out.

When we do all to empower ourselves, the blessings we really wanted come like a river and we then regret not getting in “Rocky mode” earlier. I feel the energy and energies. It doesn’t matter if we get lazy or fight this and even quit for a day or two. It’s ok if we have an attitude also. We are human but also great human ways to get back into groove. Personally, this has nothing to do with looks or how oir bodies will look. This is about working the energy in our own magnetic field. This is where you separate those manifesting well and those manifesting but with a dissipating end where it leaves the unhealthy forcing manifestor with only a littlenof thr spoils.

It’s not about what blessings we are getting and what we need however wellness isn’t a blessing anyways but a responsibility. See for a virgo if you are well then you will attract well. If you are not well then that’s what you attract. LET’S GET WELL!


Happy SaturnDay and Shabbos to all

The year 2019 is the year every thing changes for the better and we are all here to witness it.

I have not seen in my life the unity over all as I see it today with the world. You see so many people even coming together to at least agree there are some weird people running the world who are totally against human civilization advancing and singular human development. We all know by now that after studying and living through experience of anything that we get better as the years progress but here we are taking about the sciences of time and the attributes of planets which affect earth and the human mind, body and outcome. Astrology and the Ephemeris isn’t about dodging and getting lucky. We must be responsible with our academics and truly attempt at least to master what is important which is the human self. I totally know that for a beginner as I am around the corner from my journey’s paths first steps, that for one, its not easy and two, who wants to be hassled and grieved but there comes a time when we need to let go of the milk and go for the meat as it says in the bible which wasn’t a different meaning or purpose accept Paul the apostle of that time was talking about understanding what “the god” was saying but that it would be accepting what is to be understood. Today we are overstanding with intelligence also knowing when is the right time to go after that meat because we absolutely, no offence to animals and vegans but we need to know if we are able to process the meat. See there is a difference between being ready emotionally to leave the milk behind for the meat and knowing nwe are able. But if your not prepared, how can you stand it. And that is nothing compared to something as bad as ignoring what the true call is for this year and it points to the self on change. See, we are thinking luck and relief because we are human but the truth is that too much of a struggle makes an individual weary. Nevertheless, we must not allow ourselves to be carried away with our burderns when bing given a gift such as this releif that the universe is administering at this moment. So please put your big boy and big girl pants on and get into refining now because what I see coming in November is not gonna be good for those who just sat around believing “Well, I just know im gonna get lucky so why even bother”. Yeah, NO not cool man! Then when November comes around, those that worked hard will not be having to repeat dealing with certain unwanted and unprosperous energy. OYA will not be havong it! OYA will even cut her own children off for not listening over the years to CUT THAT DAMN DEAD WEIGHT OFF!!! What do you think, that the universe is gonna save your butt and not give what is earned to the one that wasnt sitting around and waiting for it???????????

The mind can do anything at any time true but I will let you know something. Yes, things are turning around for everyone but you will definitely see those who truly suffered in and through their patience but hard work and grinding and hustling….meaning they busted their asses and didn’t take shyt but made sure they did everything they knew they needed to not only “make it” but to purposefully with great ultimate power to reach for the true prize of the mark of the high calling which is to refine the self, keep the earth and help people in any way you can.

We who can “see” can feel this year continually shifting. If you have been paying close attention you will notice that those that take on the “rocky mode” or perfecting one’s life especially if you have been working hard many years before that focused on specific things in your life, that these shifts are in your favor and you can see those people having lots of success. It’s ok if you just stared to do the things that spirit has been telling you to do like, stop smoking, get in shape, eat healthy, forgive those you been hurting about, finish that project, finish that book your writing, clean your house, clean your room earn that black belt, make it to the top of your orchestral ensemble as a trombone player, make that closet for your wife, keep your mouth from ruining your life this summer…..believe me when I say that I have been depressed for a long time and i know what its like to constantly have the dead, ancestors, or deities you might believe in give you that look like “Alright come on buddy lets get yourself together” but still feel so alone or down and not want to do anything. However, the fight in me has sprung since last year working as a nurse in Hollywood and saving every penny for the event coordinating my partner and I are doing. Eventually if you take the time now by the end of the year or next year you will see the turnout. Hell, maybe even sooner.

THIS IS YOUR YEAR!!! I was homeless and I came out of it and instead of just fighting the unfair realities of oppression, I used my mind and spirit to find a way. You must dig deep in your soul and get serious about meditation and chakra work. You must get serious about your studies in spirituality. If you are at a job and you wonder why things arent happening for you, I’d always thinking on a mundane level at first for trying to solve my discrepancies on why am I not moving up at my job. 1- I am working too hard and not smart? 2- if i believe in energy work I should be serious about turning it towards my job. 3- you just might be in a toxic environment but can’t afford to quit and at the same time not really looking for another job.

There are so many other things in life. You must go inward and 2019 is the year even though we are reaching midpoint of the year its not too late to catch the positive shifting. When you start to perfect yourself the universe will follow up and bless you. Its just a matter of time. Take your energy or spirituality seriously. You can be an amazing and talented person at many things and even be successful but still have not healed from emotional trauma or completed things you were supposed to.complete years ago.




An ALL Artisan & Holistic Event

Saturday June 15th


Speakers start 1:30


Grace United Methodist Church

2325 East 3rd Street

Long Beach, CA 90814

Come on down and receive a healing and/or a psychic reading by any or our healers and psychics. We will be having amazing speakers Rev Michaela Reina Kundan Chhabra who are authors and have been in the energy and spiritual community helping so many people on their path. We will also have vendors for gifts. There will be music and a food truck. We are blessed to be visited by a news team and Khaotyk Artwerks will have a set up to view art.

It’s been almost 3 years that I’ve attempted to build teams and that would just set it off from there but it has failed time and time again until now. It’s not easy to have the “gift” of being able to choose and place people. I am from a hustling environment where we are “about our business” and on our game especially when it comes to all aspects of proper business ethics and how we work. Not every business is perfect but I strive to have a strong “for the customer” type attitude and also for those who work. Every one has to be that way if you want to make money. Its human to be fussy but in business however, it better be to better the business. I just cant help being from a place where we grind 7am till dusk and when I say hustle obviously I don’t mean anything illegal but to be expeditious in your work and basically treat the customer like they never had it so good. Eh, anyways those are just things that I was raised with. Not everyone feels the same enthusiasm towards a proper business.

Yes I am real and I don’t put it on for anyone. I just know that not everyone walking in your shop or event is going to care about what your selling. They could be someone important checking your gig out for customer service and that’s why I press the issue.

Most of all I love psychics, healers and all types of magical people and artists so much! I just want nothing more than for my circle to be taken care of because without them their is nor fair, no event. I know what it’s like to be a psychic/healer and to even depend on money from fairs before I began to build my own cliental. I was actually homeless doing fairs in OC and LA once but I have overcome and now am doing different things. But seriously would love to make an ultimate team of PSYCHATRONS in every area where Monarch Blood Entertainment sets up shop. This is going to be our second event in years. Ambilight is only the beginning of events for MBE. Enough said! I am glad to have new vendors, new psychics and healers. Psychics and healers will come and go but just when you thought you had an awesome team they all move but then a totally new set of awesome speakers and psychics come on rolling in and its a real good thing. I think its time to set up another Ambilight! So hopefully, I get to see some familair faces from Los Angeles at the fair. I attempted to have more rooms but this is thr start and things can always get better and adapt. I’m so glad to be able to bring people together for bettering the community.

Can’t wait to see yall there!

Sarava 🙏🔥💚

Our god is not a god but a planet and it’s called Earth. We are here because we come from it. I believe we grew up from it and evolved into the human. I don’t know that we did but it would be cool to some day know that. There are so many theories. Whether the Anu made us or we just evolved from the proteins of the earth mixed by ether and who else knows what. I feel as though what ever power you feel it’s from this planet and this is where our focus should be  as far as praying or meditating and all the praise we can give to the earth. So if this is so, then we can see that we should NOT be begging an imaginary  being in the sky or space. Attuning to the dead is certainly not religion but it’s very well a part of getting to know our true power as humans. We have a responsibility to take care of this earth and it will take care of us. Sure, Einstein was not wrong about how earth is affected by the cosmological constant theory but our magnetic field is what causes us to feel anything in the first place.
In the 60’s a handful of scientists concluded that certain forms of energies like plasmas or ether, have no value but it was simplified by other scientists saying that the film or plasma or ether by all means because of its properties, it does have value. So this energy in space can seep into the earth and some how mixes just right with the time zone and the chemicals in our body appropriated by the time and date of our birth sure makes it hard to believe that it has too much control but all in all this is what the whole lie of religion was about. We have a body and we care for it but if we learn to care for the quantum bio structure with in our bodies then we will see things begin to turn out better for each of us regardless of their retrograde.
Humans like me and the many in the magical community know how to follow an earthly magical code expressed in cultures and schools of thought all around the world and we know how to be successful with it or satisfied to say the least. But in reality when you unlock it, it’s straight up Quantum Biology and the specifics of course matter but we only uncovered the front line just yet. We know that our DNA is the data base for it. We know we have Chakras, Meridians and when we meditate we can used them and our mind to manifest, heal and attain waves of information to help ourselves and others. Because this quantum bio structure is not the same as our regular body which we eat and drink and go to the bathroom and we also shower and we sleep. If we don’t we can die or probably because intensely ill. Meditation, and actually delving into all the energy work and magick and cultured systems is the greatest way to activate your quantum bio structure because the more metaphysically fit and align and respect where we live on this beautiful planet earth, the greater chance we have in this evil world manifesting and not being controlled.
I wish the world can take a quit break and meet at in the forests and light up and play some musical instruments and dance and sing and take about two weeks and agree to disagree if need be and go on and back to taking care of the world. I bet people would start to really think about whats real and good and full of wellness of life. Maybe we can manifest all these crazies off our planet. =)

DON’T FALL FOR THE BULLSHYT MAN……IT’S ALL A SCAM. Don’t fall the race war and the fake news. Just mover forward in peace and bring all people of all cultures together around you. Show peace and show love to all and it will be shown to you. I PROMISE!!!

As it did in the past this fruited plane or concrete jungle has seen enough of this pleasing of the most intense of idiocy by groups of people just in the state of California alone attempting to join the OC by going against immigrants. See here is the thing there are people who are immigrants or who have a visa either way these people didn’t come here to hang out or fuck around by the fucking way. IT DOESN’T MATTER IF THEY ARE ILLEGAL. THERE IS NO LAW THAT ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS ARE CRIMINAL. God, it’s so fucking simple, that it makes me just wanna throw up hearing that all these places in SoCal are against immigrants. GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK ALL WHO APPOSE DACA OR WHO APPOSE TRYING TO HELP IMMIGRANTS IN THIS COUNTRY. WHO ARE YOU THE SAVIOR OF THE WORLD? YALL SURE AINT HELPING THE POOR PEOPLE OF LOS ANGELES SO SHUT THE FUCK UP! For all the asshole retarded racists that are against immigrants, you fools, don’t you see what you are doing against these fine hard working people?

I don’t remember a time where the stupidity didn’t come out in a snide remark or totally in fear and attempting to make a joke that is disgusting because it is only mocking in contrary to that person’s life in purpose and hopes that the person’s race would end is completely the most maniacal and unbridled of all lunacy that I have ever witness having had all these euro descendants on this land exceed beyond wellness and humanity and have turned all their works into an atrocity and it is the worst horror of all that I have ever lived watching the unfolding before my very eyes in all my days I tell you what!!!!!!!

However, I give my people and many people of color much credit and respect. Because they are emperors and can take it any time. We are returning the “straining of the gnat” and it will get better and better for us as time goes by instead of warring it’s going to fall in all of our laps.

We are now embarking on a hush hush make believe we losing mission 😉 I hope yall get it and do what ya gotta do. Remember when I spoke on Malginos Ritual Workshop about transference spells? I said that a transference spell is something where when you know for sure you are being thrown at and maybe even by who and you create a curse transmogrifier if you will lol. I believe for all to do giant transference spell against the machine for good and bring true utopia for all and not just one race. But as of now I don’t have to worry anymore. See things have to be like this I guess. I know that its a sick game they play with our lives but we just gotta do the do and go, move forward and never give up. I mean even if we were not awake before if you work a 9-5 for anyone your in it. If you have your own business your still in it but your a generator. If you have multiple businesses your a brain center. Anything after that then they go to you and ask of you. Well maybe, who knows. I care about my kids and I will do anything for them to have a good life and a well balance healthy system over all, not lacking in mental health, spiritual, physical, emotional, financial, environmental, and anything. So with that I say, I don’t what comes my way personally. Even if I do share my opinion and views and have done relentless amounts of yelling like a retarded maniac. At least I can say I did it. See, this country and government probably has to lie and make it look like there is a race war and lie about everything but you know what I come to see. It’s yallz fault, Yeah, yall just sit there. See the truth is that you don’t have to have war of have atrocities happen to succeed. However, there are levels of advancements in evolution and we have not seen it. We see animals a bit exotic and we know we can do certain things like be psychic and heal and help people, maybe even proving astral projection and/or transcendental travel but that’s it. So for me when it boils down to it. The point is that if we stopped being first lazy, afraid and selfish, maybe as a people and I don’t only mean one race but lets be simple for a moment and be on the regular for all to see and understand and that is, perhaps we can build. Perhaps we can get ahead. Perhaps we who are of a balanced and logical mind and also the spiritual good hearted people of all ways and walks, religions and cultures like farmers and trades workers come together and see that we have the power to be our own. WE DON’T EVEN NEED THEIR MONEY OR CASH IF WE HAD IT ALL. That’s funny that I said that but even that what I said is wrong. See, I’m trying to make a point. We THE PEOPLE & THE GOVERNMENT DON’T HAVE TO BE AGAINST EACH OTHER. THEIR JUST BORED BECAUSE NOBODY IS WORKING TO THINK OF ANYHTING. EVERYONE JUST WANTS TO EAT BE COOL. NOBODY REALLY WANT TO ADVANCE ON EARTH SO THEY HAVE TO CARRY THE LOAD OF ALL THE LAZY MOFOS AND THIS IS NOT AGAINST ANYWONE GOOD. THIS IS TO ALERT THE PEOPLE WHO EVEN THOUGH THEY DON’T MEAN IT, THEY WORK HARD AND ARE GOOD CITIZENS BUT THEN THATS IT. THEY JUST WANNA BE LEFT ALONE. THIS IS NOT HELPING AMERICA NOR THE GOVERNMENT. The reason why we had good government in the first place because the idea or people who created it were influenced by a high technology of ancient times. This is light and sort of angelic. They lost the power and the light and became very dark but it’s not all their fault. I know you guys think I’m probably crazy sticking up for the government but seriously. Let’s all just think about it for a moment. Us yelling that the government is an ass or anything like that is stupid you know why? It’s like having an apartment and not cleaning it and complaining because government funding on house keeping is taking too long LOL.

I’m not going to be a shyt talker man. Yeah, I might be from the east coast tri-state area but the truth is the reason why I’m on this side of the country now is because I’m truly and free soul type of person and I love nature and I have natural things and the earth and richness and beauty that it has given us. I am into healthy things like healthy eating even if I’m lazy and don’t get too much exercise, I know I’m well. I meditate and do energy work and am into healing and helping people. I just returned to church and plan to climb this horrible unfair and screwy corrupt ladder that I don’t even know has laid before this country and all us Americans. Look, we have to. Just don’t become them. Be in the world but not of it. Remember that shyt man, even the fuckin bible is smart when it comes to something like this current weird and nasty CURRENT….Maybe even imposter.

I will now make it personal. This is my goddamn country, you hear??? This is OUR government. So, they are some corrupt? SO WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU GONNA DO ABOUT JUST SIT THERE OR BE WAY OUT OF THE HEAD AND GO AND MAKE SIGNS YELLING IN THE STREET WHEN THE LARGER PERCENTAGE OF PEOPLE ARE NOT GOING TO HEAR YOU BECAUSE THEY HAVE THOSE PEOPLE BUSY AS WELL LOL AND JUST SHOW THAT YOU APPOSE WITH NO REAL SOLUTION? NO NO NO NO!!! We Calm Down and come together and talk. We need to form groups and visit each other and help each other. There are so many people out there just looking to get in on things and support. CUT THOSE FAKERS OFF AT THE DOOR!!! WE NEED REAL PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT LOOKING TO CREATE A SOCIAL CLUB BUT A PLACE OR A MEETING TO BRING SOLUTIONS TO THE TABLE AND HAVE PEOPEL WHO ARE READY AND WILLING TO LEND THEIR TIME, TALENT AND TREASURE TO THIS CAUSE OF CHANGING OUR SOCIETY TO MAKE IT FAIR AND EVEN FOR ALL. We not only stop being against other and religions and culture but we need to not be against authority or the government but if we step up to the plate as true spiritual people maybe even leaders we can be and just take over but with love and kindness because we also should be true and not talk shyt and only want to help each other but the government as well, so they don’t have to work so hard and keeping with the entire country while the whole country becomes couch potatoes. Yeah, we got some bad seeds maybe Nazi or whoever just hating willing to take out cultures to win. If that is the case oh well, no more complaining and just get in their and get our hands dirty and create a goddamn solution and we have to quit fighting with our government. We must find good police and lift them up. Why we any group of people fight any group of people which is stupid and not at all even try to find the good ones and help the and bring them open arm policy and open arms lol to the community and not have to have them driving around also scared because they know its the rich greedy corps that caused society to only be scared of police. WE DON’T HAVE TO BE AT WAR.

DON’T WAIT! Don’t be the one to wait to be nice to people and officials and the government and police. This is not ass kissing but showing my blessing of a good life and tranquility in my god self knowing that I AM OK WHERE EVER I GO AND STAND AND WAIT AND TAKE MY TIME WHETHER IN MY HOUSE OR ON THE STREET IN PUBLIC AND WITH JOY AND PEACE AND NOT A TIGHT ATTITUDE AS IF IM WAITING FOR SOMEONE TO BE RACIST TO ME. THAT’S MAYBE THE PURPOSE OF THE WHOLE MEDIA CONTROLL BUT WE GOTTA GET PASSED IT ALL PLEASE!

SMILE at each other. Or just nod at least. It makes people feel good. People who don’t know each other. You can tell sometimes in a city when certain people might be alone or from a family or have a life of people around them. These people you must give to in the miracle mind of giving and help them because they just might be one of the financial or working titans who are helping keep this country together.

BY THE WAY THEY ARE JUST TIRED OF THINKING OF EVERYTHING AND TRYING TO WORK EVERY ANGLE TO MAKE EVERYTHING WORKOUT. We must help them and each other. It’s time to prove peace and not war. War age must end NOW! If we can all even talk to each other and not fight at least we can allow each other to live and get ahead. Why try to stop someone from elevating their lives? The origin of their so called technology might be plagiarized but its good and it works so you take it back! If that makes you feel better to say it and you can do it then good. Take this power and move forward and just know THAT YOU YEILD A HIGHER RETURN IN FAVOR AND WELLNESS AND HIGHER MANIFESTING WHEN YOU GIVE THEN WHEN YOU MANIFEST WITH YOUR MIND ONLY TO RECIEVE. When a human becomes the miracle and gives, that person receives huge blessing. Notice how I didn’t say God will bless you. I’m speaking the same because its really just scientific that is what the human is. So, there you will now know that when you make your self the blessing and be regular in just giving someone who doesn’t have and not care about the return will bring that manifestation of those who believe come to fruition and there you have entered into a true state of raising the consciousness of the community. Just because you don’t believe in it anymore don’t mean you can’t help those people in love and kindness because they soon will return that kindness and mercy right back at you and that is for all my brothers and sisters of earth. I love you all in love and light and darkness and wellness and fun times ALWAYS!


Oh and by the way…don’t get it fuckin twisted. When I said help the government, I don’t mean do bad things or things against humanity. I mean propose ways to not ONLY help but a whole plan created by EACH OF YOU to change things that will make it better for everyone and cause there to be more monies so that we could recreate our landstructures with more expensive technology and do some catching up. Then we could end racist influenced laws and other stupid laws that create problems in society and bring wars that could eventually lead to a civil war. Following the law and not doing things that create problems is helping the government for one. Everyone sticking to your budget and not frustrating the credit current would be another start. We don’t have to kill ourselves and buy 99cent foods but we can budget and buy foods which are ONLY WHOLE and fuck the rest of the world. As long as you got a phone and gas in your car to go to work just keep on fucking saving and being patient and the time will come when you can spend and live better. All these things will help this country greatly. Also church leaders I am calling yall out to help not so much the homeless and I don’t mean don’t help them I mean there are people who are down and out that probably had some kind of unfair deal and need help getting their feet off the ground, please cease from the cash cow for a second and look unto these people with the mercy of the god you believe in and truly assist with your intellect to place these brothers and sisters so that they can have a chance to be better members of society. Who said we would not be able to make it if we all do the right thing and be patient and know that if WE ALL JUST wait and grind and be patient and stack our chips, something amazing is going to unfold for all Americans and we will be able to live towards something different and that grinding and worrying we have worked for will not only pay off but we wont have to do that any more because everyone will have  chance to live right and sustainable towards eating better as well and growing our own foods. And at the same time purchasing better foods. Fuck it, I know its more expensive but sometimes sacfrice is also the only way. Trust me we can all go it not alone and still live and live without the grief of worrying about all the haters and race soldiers and corporate Nazi and Zionists who only want to go along with the rest of the evil people of the world and please you know if there were any good people involved in any group, its obvious that I don’t mean them. So there you go. It’s wrapped up by Cris Blakk as a nice present for you to chew on America. If you don’t like this deal then you can just go ahead man. I’m gonna do it with or without you baby! I’m going to create it….watch! 🙂 LOVE IS THE LAW AND I’M GOING TO FUCKING PROVE IT!

When I was a kid I had all kinds of friends. I also realized I had sections of separate friends and all always were shocked to see me with other people always hanging out and then the next day friends would be like.

“Hey man, I saw you with that one dude,”

and Id be like

“Yeah man, thats my friend from the other side of town.

“Oh yeah how do you know that person?”

“Family, work, school, church, sports, family friends”

Holy shyt I knew so many people, its ridiculous! I remember when I was a kid, my Grandmother said that I was going to be the mayor one day because too many people annoyed her from having to stop and say hi to me or even just them yelling from across the street lol. I loved having so many friends even though I wasn’t outgoing as a kid. I was very shy and  dressed like such a geek lol. I tried to be cook sometimes but then I would find myself liking to dress nice. I don’t get it though with girls growing up. So many different girls like me at different times because of my clothes. I told my dad and he couldn’t stop laughing. I was mad when he told his friends at the italian club he would go to in Jersey. See for the most part I had a lot of kids that liked me but what was so weird was that they seemed to forget to say hi when I was in school. Outside of school I was lucky not to get weirdly jumped by them. Once your parents get involved with the people you know from your school and other shyt they start talking to each other, you know, the parents. They start inviting for parties. It’s sickening. One time my famiy invited all my friends over and I was so  embarrassed. I had all these kids from different schools and there was this weird old school basket ball grammar school fight and I never really knew about it until my dad was talking to a neighbor and they started talking about basketball and the politics in our town.

“Hey you trying to win man of the year?”

No asshole why do you asked?”

Thats how everyone talks to each other where I’m from when they are annoyed by one another.

“Well, you invited to grammar school basketball teams that have had the longest rivalry.”

“Are you kiddin me, all these kids play ball and hang out and go down the park all the goddamn time together. Your gonna tell me some weirdo school team ritual is going to cause problems and I should be commended for that. Sorry, I can’t see it”

See here is where I think it’s all bullshyt. How was it that the kids from the more poor area knew about the rivalry more than the kids in the new school i was at? But the only thing that happened was that some of the kids joked because the one leader of my new school basket ball player was best friends with all the kids from my old school but we all knew each other anyway and was cool accept for certain kids that were geeky like me but I still to this day can’t even understand why so many kids liked me and would see me on the street and ask me to come with them. I felt like I’d be too tired to go hang out and would just want to go home and nap and eat lol. Most of the time that is until I started riding skateboards and that’s when I finally hit my peek and started to realize the divide and the attitude in other kids. There was so many times that kids started shyt with me and as a kid I was so blanked out from it that I would just be like alright whatever and walk away. And eventually find friends that wanted to hang.

I grew up with so many people of different social classes and different races and religions that its so abnormal not to be around that mix of people. I am not in that environment like on the block I stay. However, it is that way because I can easily just get on a bus and go to where there are more of a mix of different cultures. I wish I had a good movie cam and a car and lots of money so I can go to so many different places to eat and film it and put it on Youtube. I love eating over my friends houses that always cooked rich. My family would use spices when they cooked and it tasted amazing and not many kids had family like that. My one friend Cory used to come over all the time and eat over. He was so excited from my grams cooking that he wouldn’t even look at me when we were about to eat. His eyes would get all wide. I asked him if his mom cooked like that and he said yes but I would always see them order food. Anyway, no biggie, I was glad my friend would come over because we would always chill and talk. We used to talk about black power and used to talk about black panthers and MOVE and all kinds of shyt like kemet stuff but we never tried the magick part. I remember him saying stuff like third eye but I was scared of that shyt because I was a born again christian as a kid.

When I was about 11 I got hurt real bad and had to go to the hospital and I had rode this big huge red tenspeed bike. My family thought the bike was bad luck so they got me a bike with pegs so I could kill myself. I started to hang out with these kids that all they did was into riding bikes and listening to heavy metal. I was into metal but they knew everything and everyone about it. They also used to talk about getting guitars and drums and I didn’t think about it but then all of a sudden I started listening to Iron Maiden and Metallica and I thought wait I think I can play drums like and I couldn’t just yet but something came over me when my friend Rudolpho came over and brought double bass pedals and a dime bag of weed. I cooked steak and split it with him and I never stopped playing drums. I met so many people and started going to shows and music became my life and having a metal band became a goal that I never really reached but I met a few weirdo’s just like me that liked rap and metal and we formed a band that totally rocked our community. That was so many years later. You know I literally can go back to my town and run for Mayor but I can’t stand the fucking cold anymore. I refuse to ever pick up a shovel and pay a lot of money for a coat that I can wear so I wont die on the way to the store. Hell, these days if it’s not a racist harassing your girlfriend trying to pick up energy drinks for her game time, it’s the snow in New York City trapping your car in and you have to get a shovel and get it out and hope no old ladies ask you for help lol hahahah just kidding. But I asked god at the time when I was crazy and believed in god that when I shoveled that I wouldn’t be stopped because I wanted to just go to work and not worry about anything and that if i lost the parking oh well. Well anyway,  I can’t seem to remember any more people accept my band. My band became my family. My band was with me through so many crazy things in my life. I still had so many friends accept they were all living their life and I was always hopping around from house to house from uptown to down town and all the other cities near by. Always meeting new people but appreciating the people I already knew. When I got older and would go to bars, I didn’t really know people. There was a span of about 10 years that I totally became a hermit and lived in the projects downtown with my ex and my kids. I always had people’s over but I was settled and not really hanging out. Things changed and people changed and some things remained the same. I was glad to just be cool with people. I remember a few times coming into town after having been gone so long some kids would be disrespectful but I would check them and people told me I was crazy but some people would call me and tell thank me which was crazy. Things are not the same anymore.

It was about 6 years ago I had met these people and would hang out and drive around and eat at places and talk and have a good time. I started learning the esoteric arts and occult practices. I thought I was going to get all these people together. I don’t think it was wrong but I was definitely trying hard to shove all these people together in one house one day to talk about building an order. I don’t understand how all those people liked me but didn’t like each other. I later found out that most of them didn’t like me at all and the ones that did like me, didn’t like to be with me around those other people which was weird. I wished people would just get along but it never happened. In my mind I thought we were all having a great time but I was just being used for my energy. Crazy how vampires can come in the shape of hot girls even though you aint trying to get with them, just chill and talk because at that time I didn’t trust nobody. Still don’t but things are different for me. That all ended and I moved to LB and I got a job as a psychic at a botanica on 7th and cherry. It was cool but business traffic was not the greatest. I remember healing so many people and helping so many people but I guess that was then. I do love long beach and love all the people I met there. I can’t wait to one day buy a house in LB.

Friends are friends and people are people. People in Cali are sure different from people in New York. Obviously, my friends back home that I was super close with would definitely be a different feel but also because how we grew up. People here in Cali are nice and cool for the most part. I’m glad to know and experience kindness and time spent with friends. I am grateful beyond measure to have been able to know so many people and drive in cars and go to far places and eat and nice restaurants and enjoy the time and jokes and conversation. I love all people even if people don’t like or love me. I am just that type of dude. I do miss certain people in my life. Even though I knew some trump fans and disagreed with people, I don’t regret making friends. I had many fall outs with many people even here in Cali but I’m always a phone call away. I think people really do bullshyt because I’m always forgiving and care and always want to chill and have a nice time even if it is just hanging out down a park or where people shop or go hang at a store or just a ride. Damn, man whats up with people?

This day turned out to be crazy. I told the whole world I was going to kill everyone because this person verbally attacked my girlfriend. Eh, I am human but I guess also that I do take things far. Oh well, what can I say. Your either going to love me or hate me or be afraid of me. This has been happening my whole life. Since I was a little kid in the street, people either adored me or hated me. Nothing in between accept in Cali. People are definitely calling me on a year to year basis lately. Its ok, its all good. Everyone lives their lives and for this reason I just stay to myself. I don’t even hang with people because it’s just the same old thing. I like to do things though. I’m just too old. I don’t know, I know there are things to do. Life is definitely different for me these days. I can’t even go no where because of my living condition but if I do, It’s gotta be one of those journey’s that are worth it. Like I gotta make money for one and I gotta be able to get back safely. Eh, I guess when I talk to the rest of the world it’s in riddles. I know things will get better and I will make up for telling everyone I was going to kill them just because my gf was verbally attacked at a store and invite everyone over and have a good time. Or we go hang out. I want to throw a giant party like AMBILIGHT. Anyways, I hope I didn’t scare everyone with my psycho killer videos i made on live facebook feed. I was just pissed and I have just about had it with these racist pontifications animating themselves my way. WHAT THE FUCK, LEAVE ME ALONE….

As far as friends, be careful. Not every one is your friend for real. Shyt, for me personally, I don’t care. See, when I was a kid my gram told me just be people’s friend. Don’t worry about having friends. She was right.

I used to get so mad at the thought of meditating. I was pissed and it totally showed me myself. The Universe pointing my own image at me, I gave in to the higher mind and so I decided that if I can do the slight psychic work that I started with that maybe if I really try hard that i could relax and sit still for a really ling time. I began to get serious about studying Qigong. I didn’t even become a student of Qigong but I wish I had the money at the time. About 2 years after that I was in LB doing Qigong and I removed an emergent situation into another dimension or I really removed this horrible energy. Either way from a friend asked how I was able to help him. The nature of that story of that story was sad. I don’t wanna say what happen but lets just say loss can cause one to completely let go of reality but there’s hope so I my heart started pumping and I took a deep breath and I began to chant the sound in a deep tone OM. Meditation brings focus to mindwork quickly and with power.

One day I saw with my own eyes an asian old man who was very nice in the neighborhood. This crazy guy came at him and in my mind in wanted to see some real 1970s Saturdays Kung Fu theater. But it was crazy because the old asian man was so nice and smiled and began to walk but he was built and the other guy realized and the man stuck his palm out and the other guy was slammed on the ground and everybody on the block laughed so fucking hard but I didn’t feel bad for psycho trying to rob that nice old man. Shame on that individual who is psychotic! Well I was like 4 years old and I will never forget that day.  Didn’t know it was esoteric knowledge gets a person to that unless your parent is that. So meditation, yeah definitely. Be about an hour at the least when you get good because it will make your entire body so strong that your quantum abilities are constantly getting enhanced and adding that to either a healthy body or not healthy body but eventually you have to know the truth about meditation with an unhealthy body. You can develope your whole life to not follow any rules but also not see how the physical body and quantum body meet in wellness. You might think im talking shyt but I currently have been fluctuating in and put of all vegan. You know, I never felt this feeling. It was just regular but eye-opening. I woke up and after two weeks of not eating any amimals and I felt this gleam. Yeah, I’m not gonna lie. I was cranky. A bit of an asshole. I will tell you this. I felt so calm, enlightened and i don’t know how to explain it physically but to say i felt this gleam in ly body. I didn’t wake up sore. I was very happy and excited about the change. I struggled and failed but I just started going back again to no animals but its a wonderful feeling as long as you detach then you can appreciate the physical feelings of relief and strength your body will go through. We don’t realize that natural high from working out is just as breathing magick like Qigong. You put the breathing the mind visualizing energy pushing, the Qigong, and the eating heathy, then you see and feel the change. Emotions, well, we all need to work on it. This will help shape communities if you ever desire to do such a thing and if you care about your community as an awakened and physically healthy person.

So simple as getting ready mentally.

Morning Beach Meditation

You can do this anywhere but here is where I find more filling energy.

Think about this time well and with great appreciation. This time and place aligning with the sun and all the breathing and relaxing and letting go not everyone in fact a larger percentage of the world claims no time. I must admit, reports do show that there is an increase in people as young as grammar school level are naturally awake and smart. They can do mind work and know they are doing it. All of our children do it actually and we don’t realize it at first and they don’t either because it’s so natural. So this is good news. See, this means we are moving closer to being completely free but changing the flow of the world to a more ancient utopic society. People have a problem with the word hippie. Today people get hippie and hipsters mixed up. When I was a man. There was this dude who was really happy and he had long hair and he comes from a good family. He was totally like wearing baggy clothes and didn’t shave but the guy was able to push your sickness out of your body. And he was always smoking weed. Hahaha

  • Breath
  • Relax
  • Sit with your legs shoulder length apart and your feet touching the floor. Your hands either on your lap or upward.
  • Visualize all discomfort leave immediately
  • Visualize yourself becoming deaf for like ten seconds
  • Take a deep breath and release after 7 seconds and begin to breathe shallow but super calm
  • Visualize the sound ZAH so loud but not intrusive even though it can startle you awake but in a very deep calm state.
  • Relax and breath
  • Picture every cell and vain, nerve and chakras all filled with light
  • Continue to breath
  • Visualize space see the sun and feel the relaxing astral and solar energy and enjoy the tranquil state
  • Relax your head
  • Relax your upper body
  • Relax your lower body, legs ans feet.
  • Now see your desire come to fruition.

Visualize and feel yourself physically living the life you want

This should be done every day. Who ever can do this every morning. You are so blessed! Increase to you my friend i hope your changing the world for good.

Peace Love and Light

Increase To All of Earths People and All Galaxies and Never Give Up The Good Fight

Cris Blakk